What is Flatland?

So, to me Flatland BMX is about creating you’re own paths in an individual and fun way. Some have compared the movements to breakdancing, as it involves the whole body jumping, turning and twisting around the bike in different ways.

It involves a slightly more specialised set up than your average BMX bike. It has a freecoaster which enables the bike to roll backwards without the pedals moving. Pegs which are used to stand on and hold. Some riders will have both brakes (front and back) ,  some will have none what so-ever. It all depends on personal preference but it is always good to begin riding Flatland with brakes so you can learn the basics; and who knows it may end up working out for you and your style of riding.

Here is a link to my bike at the moment

Flatland BMX is such a great sport, and not as well known as other sports which make it a real eye opener!  If you have any questions feel free to get in touch and I’ll be happy to answer them.